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The Cradock Name

¶ According to the Internet Surname Database, the "famous" Cradock family name originated in Wales as Caradoc, also sometimes spelled Caradog. I've seen several references saying Caradoc was a mispelling of Caradog.

¶ Different name translation or name definition databases indicate Caradoc is Celtic meaning "love" or "beloved."

¶ Caradoc is both the name (as Caractacus or Caratacus) of a British chieftain who fought against the Romain invasion of Britain, and Caradoc (as Caradog) one of the Knights of the Round Table. That's King Arthur's Round Table.

¶ Wikipedia has a lot of other interesting references to other Caradocs and the Caradoc name in history, including St. Caradoc, a 12th Century Welsh hermit, and Caer Caradoc (Welsh for Caradoc's fort), a spectacular hill crowned by a Bronze Age hill fortress in Shropshire, England.

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